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Did a test run today trading options through MT w/TradeKing.  Bought one Call contract to see how everything worked (Buy to Open) and got a reported fill of $1.2264 on a Limit order of $1.18.  Thought that was out of line since it was a Limit order but decided to let it run and see what happens.  When I tried to place a Sell To Close, it kept rejecting it, saying I was trying to place a Sell to Open order.  Kind of weird since I had deselected both the Sell to Open and Buy to Close buttons during my account setup in MT and the only buttons I had available on the Trade Ticket were Buy to Open and Sell to Close.  My Trade Log shows that I was placing a StC order but also shows in the comments that it was rejected as a StO.  Tried this several times and could never get the order placed so I went directly to the TradeKing website and able to place the order and close it out.  They show that the original order was filled at $1.17 not the $1.2264 shown in MT.

Also noticed that the Option Chains are reversed (from IQFeed).  They show the Out of Money options highlighted when normally the In the Money options are the ones that are highlighted.  If you choose the Strike selection to show In the Money, it shows the Out of Money options and visa-versa. 

So - is the issue with Trade King, MT or me:)?  I've got some screen prints if that helps.



MT vs: 1.1.342.1426

Windows 10


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Option Trades - I need to get the log file to see what the problem is. Please do the following:

  • go to FILE / Export Settings. 
  • boxes already checked, and also check LOG FILE.Leave the check
  • Export, then email me the exported file please.

 Option Chain - reversed - I am not following. In/out of the money does not have anything to do with highlighting. That option just controls which symbols are shown.  In The money and out of the money are supposed to show opposite. I do see an issue with Out of the money display - will fix.


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