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Custom Chart period/frequency keyboard shortcuts



I was looking around the ability to set custom chart period/frequency keyboard short cuts.  Right now Ctrl + 1 = 1min, CTRL + 2 = 3min, etc.  Its not a major feature, but it might be nice for the user to be able to change the period/frequency that these numbers load.  Just thought I'd mention.

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sorry for the delay answering. You have one shortcut to switch to the last used custom period/frequency: = and CTRL+= respectively

0 and CTRL+0 select custom period/frequency AND bring up the the popup for it where as the = just switches to the last used.

letting users control keyboard shortcuts is for a project down the road.

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How far down your priority list is this "user controlled keyboard shortcuts" project?

My trading time frames tend to be on the longer side.  I will do a day trade if an opportunity presents itself, but I don't go out of my way looking for them.  As such, my default intraday chart period is 15 days (I use the custom period "0" shortcut for this).  On QT the "8" (3 day) shortcut got heavy usage.  I could easily live with the "4 day" setting instead, but it takes four mouse clicks/selections to select it.  The "2 day" shortcut while useful, is just not long enough.

I have 60+ charts spread out over five monitors using two instances of MT (one on the workstation and another running on a VM).  While the default size of the charts is small, I like to make use of keyboard shortcuts to "drill down/up" to view additional info. 

There are a number of chart settings/functions that I would just love to be able to set keyboard shortcuts for.  On the other hand there are a number of shortcuts that are of no use to me.  The same applies to historical charts.

Would be nice to have chart shortcuts for full screen, windowed, bring window to front, etc (yes, I know you can do all this with the mouse - keyboarding is just plain faster)

I just recently made the change over from QT to MT, so I am not completely up to speed on all features of MT.  I have everything that I consider necessary to be able to function using MT as a replacement for QT up and working.  Over time I will get up to speed on all the features you have put in MT.  I wish I had the time at the moment to dive in and do it right now, but I am currently tied up with a summer project I started WELL BEFORE Ameritrade decided Sept 1st was a good time to shutdown QT.  Believe me, I am not very happy with Ameritrade and their timing of this.  They could not of picked a worse time of year to force a change of trading platforms.

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the user controlled keyboard shortcuts are relatively far down on the list.  I think what you need to do meanwhile is polish up on the MT Ribbon Toolbar customization and QAT (Quick Access Toolbar) in particular.  You can get to the help for that in MT by hitting F1 or look at the same help online:



Basically, if you use a feature frequently, you can right click on it and select "Add to Quick Access Toolbar" and then hide the ribbon. Now that feature is in the caption (in the QAT) and can be accessed with one click.  You can even do that with individual Chart Period entries. click on the menu to show the various PERIOD values. Right click on 4 days.  Select to add it to QAT. Now the 4 shows up in the QAT and is accessible with one click

if you add a lot of stuff in QAT and your charts are narrow, you will find that things don't fit.  One easy way to handle that is to set the QAT to show below the ribbon instead of on the caption.  If you do that, then the QAT will show up as a thin toolbar just below the ribbon if the ribbon is shown, or right under the caption otherwise and will have a lot more room. For example:


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