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Volume spike filter



I may be wrong, but I seem to remember with Quotetracker, there was a filter so that for large volume prints, the entire volume bar wouldn't necessarily be shown.  The problem with a large volume print, whether it's in a stock or something else, is that it expands the volume scale to fit the entire volume bar, which makes all other volume bars too small to read, until that bar is off the visible part of the chart.  It might be helpful to have some kind of filter for this.


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In fact, just as in QT, MT attempts not to over-extend the scale on volume too much.

When "scale by max" is not checked, the upper scale is capped at 10 times the average of the visible portion of the EMA of the volume (even if you don't show the EMA).

When "scale by max" is checked, the cap is not there.


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