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Trading integration with IB advisor



When connecting with an IB advisor, MT recognizes the master account (F account) as well as the sub-accounts (U account).  In IB, the master  account is used for order execution, and the shares are automatically distributed to the sub accounts.  The master doesn't actually contain the positions.  When chart trading is enabled in MT, normally a user can see the position size and price on the chart.  However, because the master account doesn't hold positions, no positions are shown on the chart.  If a sub-account is selected in MT for chart trading, that particular sub-accounts positions are shown.  However, that would mean that MT trade orders would be sent to just that sub-account, when all trades are supposed to be executed through the master, to maintain proper allocation size between sub accounts.


It might be helpful for anyone with IB advisors who uses MT, to be able to select the master account as the account for placing trades (works now),  but also be able to see the positions on the chart as an aggregate of the sub accounts.  Perhaps all U accounts that come from a single instance of IB (would have the same socket port #) could be grouped somehow.


Not sure if it's doable, or would be of interest.  Just thought I'd throw it out there as an idea.

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Yes.  The allocation methods are specified in TWS.  Then when you buy/sell in the master account, TWS makes sure the sub accounts have the proper position size based on the allocation method.

TWS has the ability to display the total position size for all sub-accounts.

If you ever wanted to play around with an advisor demo, I could give you my paper trading account login.

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