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Chart Gap - Holiday CME Globex


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Just an FYI - Not sure if bug, design, or Holiday schedule input omission


Checked a few session settings, performed Back Fill  -- gap remained.


MT V 1.0.1520.2

Default setting CME Globex


Comparison between Multicharts & MT Holiday session open/closed gap



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Thank you will check again a bit later after open


update not available yet.


Checked update, "you have the latest version of files"

Closed, restarted, checked again... still have the latest files /  MT V 1.0.1520.2

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I updated prior posting [reference: the gap in the ES], after your post, I restarted, checked for updates, none available. Gap still exists on my chart. No biggie, I am trading at the moment, so using Multicharts primarily...


will address MT later in the day. Probably just need to uninstall the early version of the update and re install with your recently modified version. will update one of the laptops and see if it replicates... no time at the moment


MT charts are streaming well, no delays or lag, all good.


have a good day

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I did that, restart, update, restart...


I just updated a laptop same result but I think I found it, very minor....


Checked the timeframes,


you entered the 05:00 - 17:15 partial session  on 1/1/14

yesterday 1/1 was  closed all day, didn't reopen until 05:00 today...


easy fix  ;-)


Thank you again...


Just realized, that is a lot of work entering the years holiday calendar's for the myriad of exchanges... I am not a programmer, but I would hope there was some way to import that data directly from IB... 

The information is available on the contract info description tab...  fingers crossed for your sake  lol

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MT stuff is not IB specific

And as far as the entry being for 1/1, that was intended. It goes by the start date/time of the session. The session is normally from 5 PM to 4:15 PM Central time. The holiday override is for the 1/1 session to start at 05:00 AM instead, which would put it on 1/2

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