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Paint Bars First Attempt


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1. Created a simple paint bar (ADXR over Trail) and added to upper chart.  Would not display selecting different bands to display in.  Also adding the paint bar indicator caused the linkage to be removed between two indicators in the Chart Indicator Selection Panel.  Re-linked the indicators for correct display then exited and re-stated MT - indicator showed.

2. Created second paint bar (RSI > 50) using else statement and indicator showed immediately.  But selected wrong second  shape so edited but would not show changed on the paint bar after save.  Exited MT and re-start and the correct (edited) shape displayed.  Also, same indicator linkage removed when paint bar was added

3. When initially adding the paint bar to the indicator panel the foreground / background selection is not displayed in the Parameters panel.  Subsequent edits show the foreground / background selection.

Over all impression is that it looks really good!

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