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Bid/Ask update issues with source feed Yahoo Finance


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NYSE listed equities Bid/Ask prices are not updating when using Yahoo Finance as source provider.

Issue appears to be associated with only specific exchanges. 


NASDAQ and NYSEArca both update from Yahoo Finance however NYSE equities bid/ask prices do not update.


I have tried deleting/clearing data and installing on second machine. 




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Yahoo does not return bid/ask on some symbols for their delayed quotes. There is nothing we can do about it. For example, here is a CSV response

"ETFC",20.16,20.15,20.16,20.18,19.83,"1/3/2014","12:35pm","E*TRADE Financial",19.86,19.81,1365954,19.86,9.09
"C",N/A,N/A,53.04,53.19,52.31,"1/3/2014","12:35pm","Citigroup, Inc. C",52.39,52.27,14251982,53.68,40.28
"BAC",N/A,N/A,16.47,16.50,16.23,"1/3/2014","12:35pm","Bank of America C",16.27,16.10,82193576,15.98,10.98
"SCHW",N/A,N/A,25.87,26.04,25.70,"1/3/2014","12:35pm","Charles Schwab Co",25.84,25.82,1547284,26.08,14.98
"IBKR",24.35,24.34,24.35,24.71,24.26,"1/3/2014","12:34pm","Interactive Broke",24.46,24.52,165885,25.03,13.57
"GS",N/A,N/A,178.04,178.67,176.22,"1/3/2014","12:35pm","Goldman Sachs Gro",176.35,176.89,944738,178.38,130.32
"TWTR",N/A,N/A,69.6901,70.43,68.432,"1/3/2014","12:35pm","Twitter, Inc. Com",68.95,67.50,21510576,74.73,38.80
"GOOG",1108.67,1108.1801,1108.4301,1116.9301,1105.27,"1/3/2014","12:35pm","Google Inc.",1115.00,1113.12,813324,1121.00,695.52
"FB",54.86,54.85,54.85,55.65,54.61,"1/3/2014","12:35pm","Facebook, Inc.",55.00,54.71,25396320,58.58,22.67
"AMZN",397.85,397.63,397.72,402.71,397.00,"1/3/2014","12:35pm","Amazon.com, Inc.",398.29,397.97,1146164,405.63,245.75
"AMTD",N/A,N/A,30.68,30.705,30.34,"1/3/2014","12:34pm","TD Ameritrade Hol",30.47,30.43,412502,30.73,17.46
"AAPL",543.66,543.56,543.55,553.70,543.036,"1/3/2014","12:35pm","Apple Inc.",553.00,553.13,7460859,575.14,385.10
Notice the N/A for some fields. Those are bid, ask
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