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Taskbar icon not highlighted during Minimize All.

In other words, the program's icon indicates the program is not running at all when in reality it is.

The normal Windows response is that the program's taskbar icon's background should be highlighted.

Or could it possibly be not highlighted because the program is loaded but not operational while totally minimized, which would mean alerts would not function?

Got me confused.

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If you have setting on SETTINGS / APPLICATION / GENERAL set to "Minimize to Taskbar Notification Area, then when you do a Minimize All, MT just leaves the icon in the notification area and all the taskbar icons are hidden. If you also PINNED the MT app to the taskbar, that pin will remain. That works as intended. If you don't want it to hide entirely, just uncheck the checkbox in settings

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The state of that setting selection was the default at program installation (I'm pretty sure).  I changed the setting and that fixed the problem. But ...

that doesn't matter because I think that the backlighting of the MT icon on that Quick_Launch side of the Taskbar should always be allowed when the program is active, as it is for every other icon over there (including Excel, where it can be minimized yet still in a state werein it can give notifications).

For MT, there is always a Quick_Launch MT icon in the left portion of the Taskbar, whether the program is running or not.  That is the one I'm interested in, not the one at right.

Once the program is running, then there is an MT icon in the Notification area of the Taskbar at right.  I rarely look over there except for programs that give indications or feedback there (such as a network monitor or battery indicator, etc.), but I won't look there as a habit to see if MT is running because I'll know it is running while I'm anticipating a notification and that notification may come any minute.

I don't like bookmarks scattered all over my monitor screen.  So I pinned one to the Taskbar for MT.  All my programs are set up the same way.  All their icons should act the same way.  They all do except for MT.  It should operate the same as all the rest.  It should be backlit when MT is minimized.

You wrote, " If you don't want it to hide entirely ..."

That MT icon that I put in the Quick_Launch area is never hidden entirely.  All that changes is whether or not its backlight is enabled.

I can't think of a single reason why there should be an option to allow or disallow that backlight.

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you are talking about two completely separate settings. PINing the shortcut to the taskbar is just a glorified shortcut. Some people do not want the taskbar icons there when minimizing the entire program. Thus the option to minimize to tray. There are actually a number of programs that do that.

As for the default, ok i can change that.

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I have barely over a dozen programs that handle all my common tasks.

So, with an uncluttered screen as a goal, all tasks are initiated from the Task Bar because, after all, that's why it's called a Task Bar.

All other, infrequently used, programs are easily available at the Start menu program list.

If I wanted to glorify shortcuts I would make them large and I would leave them on the screen for everyone to see.

As it is, the Recycle Bin is the only icon I leave on the Desktop -- for emphatic effect.

Thankyou for your help.

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