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Overflow error


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updated 1.2.1558.2325


@GCv14, changed time frame from Forex IB back to NYMEX [not sure why it was Forex IB]


Had 5 instances of Horizontal Line indicator loaded plus volume indicator


Gap in data, cleared, attempted back fill, received error message, 


cleared error message, back filled second attempt OK


Have observed on clear / back fill 1st attempt last data bar spike to bottom, clear/back fill second attempt clears spike. [this was just prior to update] not sure if continued, noting for future reference if persists.





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got your log. will look. As for the spike, next time it happens, please use the trace option (cross-hair) to move over the candle in question and tell me which of the values are messed up (Open, High, Low, Close) and what the corresponding value is on the Level I quote.  From what I've seen, the LOW has been a problem.  

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Thank you,


Easily replicated, I cleared data, backfilled, obtained spike bar


expanded time scale for clarity
Raw Data Window [Time&Sales]

Once again, after finished Screen Shots, cleared Data / Backfill, Spike gone...  consistent with observations, spike on 1st backfill, resolved on 2nd backfill...


Have a good day

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y, the issue is not backfill actually. It is has to do with the first few quotes after you clear the data.  IB doesn't send a full quote. It sends pieces of data as they change. So when you clear the data, MT doesn't have any LAST until something changes. For now I made it not record zero last, but that may cause other problems. will look how to handle that more elegantly.



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