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Portfolio Total Setting



I keep several portfolios one of which is for my long term investments.  I keep this particular portfolio rolled up to a single total line using the total +/- setting and in a small window so I can monitor the total without having the detail displayed.  MT does not (or I can't figure out how)  save this setting so that every time MT starts the portfolio displays the detail.  The window size is restored correctly it's just the total  +/- that is not restored.  Is it possible to have MT save and restore this setting for each portfolio?


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Must have missed the post when you first posted it. sorry. 

MT actually remembers the collapsed state of explicitly added sub-total separators.  It does not however remember the total row or the last separator unless you explicitly added one to the end because there are no entries in the portfolio for those. So if you have:

the separator between CCC and DDD will remember if you collapsed it but not the one that is added automatically by the program after FFF or the total line.  
A quick solution for you would be to add en explicit separator after FFF. Then collapse the 2 sub-totals.  If you do not have any separators currently, then just add a dummy one at the end. 

You will have the extra line for the sub-total but at least it will remember everything.

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