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Load Layout - Resize Charts - Multiple Screens/resolution


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MT V 1.0.1627.1905


Dashboard / Settings / Load Layout


Not sure if continuation of feature request or bug, posting here as an FYI on Layout behavior.
When switching Main Display on primary system or attempting to load layout on different machine [export/import settings]

Related: Features Request: http://forums.medvedtrader.com/index.php?/topic/73-creating-window-groups/


Primary system with Multiple Monitors:

M1 = 2560x1600 (30" on desktop)

M2 = 2560x1600 (30" on desktop)

M3 = 1920x1080 (46" TV on wall)


Created "docked set of charts" saved as Layout "Monitor-2560 on M2 [M1 was set as Main display] 

Created "docked set of charts" saved as Layout "Monitor-1080 on M3 [M1 was set as Main display] 


While M1 remains set as Main Display, Load Layout either of the two listed above, they load correctly on the respective Monitors which they were created on.


If I change the Main Display, neither Layout Loads correctly [docking lost, charts stacked and stretched across multiple screens]


Similar behavior when I export and try to import, load Layout on different machine

[i loaded Layout 1080, exported and imported to living room system with big screen [1080p] same stacking effect, only one monitor connected]


Original Layout [2560] as ref:



Resultant Layout after Main Monitor change




I selected-deselected Settings/Charts/General/Load Template Resizes Charts [no change]

---[i assume this option only affects Chart Templates and not Layout Templates]---






Dragged chart windows from M2 to M1[Main Display] saved as Monitor-2560-M1

Changed Main Display from M1 to M2 / disconnected M1 / loaded layout Monitor-2560-M1 / Loaded OK



Layout's created on primary displays will load on Primary Displays when changed

Layout's created on extended displays are location dependent "or" Main Display sensitive


Attempted export of primary display 2560 layout / import to 1080p / stack and stretch issue remains

Made M3[1080p monitor] Main Display / created and saved layout / exported / imported to other system with 1080p - did not display correctly

layout export/import unsuccessful 










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I fixed the stretching of the windows just now for the situation. Will be in the next release


however, the window placement will still get messed up.  MT doesn't save info about the monitors. It just saves the window coordinates.  If you change your monitor layouts, the coordinate system changes. If the coordinates of the window that MT is trying to bring up are not on any monitor, it moves the window to the nearest monitor. It cannot lay the windows out for you though in that situation.

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Thank you very much Jerry


My work around is to only Save/Load MT Layouts on the Main Display, will make duplicates for each Monitor configuration.


Removing the stretch is a big help, then it is just a matter of drag and dock edges, and not re-sizing windows constantly.


Hopefully the stretch fix will work on the export/import situation as well. 


Will keep the MDI/container request on back burner until after production release and higher priority issues are addressed.


Thank you also for the % change tool.



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