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Sometimes the clear last day data does not work. I click on clear all data to open the menu, place the mouse pointer on Clear Oldest Day and click. The menu closes and nothing happens. I had thought that it might be that I was doing that sequence before everything had loaded and the system became fully opened.

Today, I did the sequence several times with no result. I then did a system restart via the restart menu item and waited till the tip of the day screen popped up and then did the clear last day data sequence and still no result. Next I shut down MT and reloaded following the above sequence. No result.

This behavior happens sporadically. I think that i may be related to weekends where there are several days of no data. And yes, I did the clear last day sequence enough times in a row to remove the blank days (weekend days) if the system was counting them so it should have gotten back to the prior Friday's data.

The clear all data works and that is the solution that I have used, but that does clear out the data from the current day which is what I was trying to avoid.


Not a lethal issue but it is annoying in its apparent random nature.

Thanks for a great product.


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it sounds like the last day that is being cleared is the quote on the weekend day which immediately gets re-retrieved.  you can try doing the clear with the quotes stopped, but no way to stop quotes on charts unless you turn off the active subscription option on settings/charts/general

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