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MB Trading and the need for two user names


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If you recall back in the days of QT, it was required to have two user names.  One for QT, and one for MBT Navigator, now known as MBT Desktop Pro.  Something about their API.

When using MT, this problem was resolved and only one user name was required to operate both software programs simultaneously.  Until a few days ago.  I believe it was last

summer that MB Trading was purchased by TradeKing.  Then TradeKing was purchased by Ally.  Last weekend the transition was made for MBTrading, which is now known as

MBTrading by Ally.  "But" I now have to go back to using two user names when running both programs simultaneously, or if not, the program I open "last", does not work.  This just

seems to have happened out of the blue, which is not a problem for me as I still have two user names.  But strange that this quirk popped up.  Just a heads up for you folks at MT.  

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Well it has been working for the past month or so only using one user name.  Not any more.  If I have MB Pro running, and then open MT using the same user name, it shuts off the quote connection

for the MB Pro.  It appears that MT is the dominate program and lords over the MB Pro program and causes it to capitulate.  You never struck me over the years as the type of guy who always had to have

the upper hand, but I suppose your wife would confirm that if I asked her.  Wink wink.  Anyway, I will just use my two user names as I have over the years, which is no problem for me.  Have a good day.

Over and out.

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