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Unable to log in my Medved Trader through Ally-MBT


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Upon opening my Medved Trader this morning, I couldn't get my login to work for data & trading access through Ally MBT. I was able to login on the MBT website site and through the regular MB Trader. It eventually locked my MBT account out after continuing to try (said to many login attempts). I had to call tech support to get a temp password and was finally able to login. I just tried again tonight and I have the same problem and I'm locked out of access to my MBT account again. Somethings going on (maybe with the Ally transfer). Any suggestions? 

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Count me in as well.  I'm using 4600-2050 but that probably does not matter.  I have been trying to launch MT for the past hour, but no luck.

I have tried both of my user names.  No luck.  Of course I can log into Ally/MT Trading no problem with either user name.  Oh well, back to sleep.

Try later.

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