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Build 1.0.1733.1913


Horizontal lines of absolute value located in both the upper and lower chart regions saved to a chart template are not carried over when the template is applied to another chart.  If the template is saved and then reapplied to the original chart the horizontal lines are also not there.  Horizontal lines associated with the High and Low do carry over correctly.  Have not yet tested all of the other Horizontal line variants as yet.


Another behavior that I observed but have not yet quantified is the linking and un-linking of elements in the below main chart area when saving and applying a chart template.  This maybe associated with the removal of the horizontal line during the saving of the template.  If I can find a horizontal line type that can be used in the Below Chart Area and be restored thru the template process then I will test further.

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now that I think about it - if the horizontal line is removed automatically because it is an absolute value, it would mess up the linking.  Next version will have the absolute value H.Lines only removed on Main Chart when saving templates (they are symbol specific). So that should resolve that issue.

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