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Hey Jerry

COuld you tell me what improvements are being planned for the trade ticket or the trading?

I prefer to trade directly through MT since it cuts down errors of typing in the wrong symbol on my IB platform, especially when day trading.

I have been trading through MT but it is very simple and is missing some basic features.

For example when I buy or sell at the ask using the (using the trading ribbon which is how I have been trading using MT) how do I put in a stop order?

What I do now is right after I open a position I immediately have to open my IB platform to put in the stop order.  

As far as the trade ticket, I really wish there was a simple buy ask and sell bid button alongside the buy and sell button. Can you add that?

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Not sure what you mean by "Using the ribbon". We don't have buy / sell buttons on the Trade Ticket ribbon. We do on DOM and Charts.  You can enter a stop order on any MT window including DOM and CHARTS.  Right now that only works if you do NOT have Auto-Transmit on.  You would drop an order on the DOM or chart. Then before sending it, right click on it and select STOP LIMIT as the order type.  Note that on both DOM and CHART you can drag the price line to be able to change the LIMIT portion of the stop limit separate from the STOP price.

Also on the DOM, you can hold down the CTRL and SHIFT together to make the order being dropped a STOP LIMIT. You should see the cursor change accordingly

We do plan to make it easier to enter STOP LIMIT as well as Bracket and other orders on the charts and DOM.

We have BUY ASK and SELL BID on the chart and DOM already. (on the DOM, it is on the bottom of the window).  Trade ticket does not have it BUT assuming you have the quote showing, you can just double click on the BID or ASK in the quote then click the buy or sell button

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