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Peculiar "Bugs" in MT


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Hey Jerry & Mike:

Really loving MT and super excited for you guys! I noticed a few potential "bugs" and wanted to see if anyone else notices the same. All of these items occur in MT version 1.1.6030.1802

1.) When clearing a Watchlist or Portfolio, the counter is off by 1. It appears that the "allStocks" integer variable is initialized at 1 instead of 0 or is counting the TOTAL as 1.


2.) Would it be possible to add ".ToUpper()" when displaying the MM ID in the Level II window? It makes for easier reading; but, I can see why not if there's a significant overhead in CPU. This example is from TD Ameritrade.


3.) When adding a symbol to a Watchlist or Portfolio, the BID, ASK, LAST, and VOLUME do not populate. Furthermore, the Change and Change % are incorrect. The backfill occurs correctly, but it appears there is a race condition with the most recent quote from the streamer. I've observed this with Ally Invest and TD Ameritrade. It is easily reproduced after hours when there aren't any incoming ticks from the streamer. I can correct it by stopping and starting the streamer which fetches the last quote and fills in the missing data.


4.) I'm seeing cases where the LAST is not reported in the Raw Data, which is expected as some ticks are just a change in BID or ASK. However, what is very strange is the fact that the LAST gets colored in, as if it did change; but, there is no value.


That's all for now, cheers!


Donald Q.

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1) Clearing data - total is counted because it is one of the items being cleared

2) MMIDs - that would have to be on a case by case basis for each datafeed. will do for TDA, Stockwatch and some others

3) Change is fine. the problem is LAST is Zero - that might be something specific to a recent change in the TDA configuration. Can you get the beta and let me know if it still happens? https://medvedtrader.com/beta (you can enable beta checking from within MT on SETTINGS / APPLICATION / GENERAL)

4) LAST is not shown on raw data if it is the same as the previous. Coloring is independent of that and occurs when the last is at the high or low for the day

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