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This is very annoying- the date is blocking candlesticks


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When a stock gaps down, towards the bottom of the chart, the date blocks part of the chart making it hard to see (or draw trendlines on) , this also happens when I am using the cursor and the date pops up over the candlesticks as well.  I've included a picture so you can see exactkly what I mean.

The only way I know to fix this is by right clicking my mouse on the right side of the chart to increase the blank space on the top and bottom of the chart window , but then when I click on a different symbol or go back to this symbol, it all resets and it gets blocked again.

A simple fix would be to make the default space at the bottom so that the dates DO NOT BLOCK the candles, as an intraday trader trading off of 1 or 5 minutes candles, this is getting to be a deal breaker for me. 


IS anyone else having this issue?


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But I dont want to turn off the x/y values, the x values tell me the exact time that I have my cursor over and my y value tell me what price it is at my cursor, both  CRUCIAL to trading Jerry, you know that. 

WHy dont you take a poll? I am almost certain I cannot be the only day trader on here that trades gapo down at the open and cant read a candlestick.  This is not wasted space, you have candlesticks that are unreadable at the open on a gap down making it nearly impossible to draw trendlines or study the price action in that candle.

Why cant you at least make it an option so that I choose the amount of space I want on the bottom and choose it as my own default option?

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I played around with this a bit.

1) on the Y axis when the mouse went to the area where the value box was displayed, the box was removed. We changed it so the box goes to the opposite side instead and made it work the same way on the X axis so if you moved the mouse down, the box would move the top. That would give you a way to "move" the box. Will be in next update.

2) this issue does not happen with default settings. The box does not obscure the candles. It only happened if I increased the text size to 10 or higher. Will see if anything can be done, but some stuff really can't be accommodated for every possible setting combination.

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Thanks Jerry

The Y axis was never an issue by the way, it never blocked any candle so I wouldnt change that.

It was  the pop up value box on the X axis when I move my cursor and also the date that shows up on the chart in the beginning of the day that will block my view of candlesticks.


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