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watchlist flags or keyboard short cut



Originally asked about this in support; putting in as feature request.

Would be great to have some sort of hotkey so as you were flipping down a list of charts you could quickly add the current chart to either (a) another designated watchlist or (b) a favorites list or something similar.   This way I could look through a list of say 100 charts that meet my initial criteria and quickly flag the 10 or 20 I want to concentrate on next day.    The simplest way would be to create a flag or favorites feature where if you are looking at a chart and click Ctrl-F or Ctlr-Space or some keyboard shortcut it adds this symbol to a list of favorites - which could be set as one of the watchlists in setup.   A more powerful way would be to allow you to have a series of shortcuts CTRL or SHIFT + a key and different keys corresponded to different lists to add to.   


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