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I noticed that Bollinger bands shapes are not same as the old QT or other software.  And its upper and lower values are also not closer to QT values or other software outputs.  I am using the default value, (20,2) to compare..


Also, I noticed that the 200 SMA value is different than QT or other software.  I didn't try any of other Moving averages.


Just try it with any ticker symbol and test it.  Use Daily graph.

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I copied the values from Hist Data from 1/26/13 to 11/12/13, which is what Yahoo backfill had. That is 200 days.  I  put that data into Excel and averaged the CLOSE column.  the result is 31.93. Repeated with Google data, which would be to 2/3/13 to 11/15/13. Result is 31.936.  Not sure where QT got the 30.81, but this clearly shows that the MT calculation is correct

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fixed the Bollinger Bands.  Now they match exactly.   This gives me a chance to test the fixes to the Update mechanism in the last MT version. I just put up just the BB indicator in the update. Select FILE/HELP/Check Updates...

I did it now. It showed me  So, I clicked on it to download, but that window shut down very fast.  I went again to check updates, it says, " You have the latest version of all files"


Then I went to check the version, it shows the previous version 1.0.851.2310. So, it didn't work.  I tried again, same message,  "you have the latest version......"

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