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Hey, thanks a lot.


Update before last, my "trend" bars disappeared. the field is there, but just shows black. I waited for the next update, figuring it may be a glitch, but the latest update(with the HMA) didn't cure it. Best I can figure, there must have been some corruption in the data flow. Is there a patch, or would I need to download the program from scratch again?

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No,  I open the program around 7:30 AM. I do backfill one or 2 of the futures, but none of the others, nor any stocks. It does show bid and ask in raw data. It worked perfectly until the update before last, when my computer froze up during the update. Problem there was, I turned on the program, it immediately went to update, and apparently Microsoft was doing one of its infernal auto-updates, which was just too much updating at one time. I think. Anyway, everything else was right, except the trend.I gather that the Microsoft update ate up so much resources on the computer that some of the files got corrupted during the upload.


The backfill source is IB.

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