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Protractor tool



Intended application:  Anticipate Megaphone trend lines [TL].


Request either of two options:


#1, Ability to mirror a trend line [TL]similar to clone, only reversed angle - simplest solution


#2, Ability to measure angle of trend line's - i.e. 0 -180 degrees from start to end point of TL / horizontal axis as baseline [90 deg]


Ref: Percent change tool feature request [add degree''s in cross hair information]

ref: http://forums.medvedtrader.com/index.php?/topic/169-percent-change-tool/



****Current Methods:****                           



1, Manual/geometric; Create rectangle on TL - mirror trend line - move into position   **  [time consuming, but accurate]











2, On Screen Protractor's, caveat requires running third party app cumbersome. [PIA]









Application example



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Hi Mike,


Thank you very much for considering this feature.


99% of the time the mirrored TL will be manually re-located. What ever is the most consistent with your current methodology works for me.

i.e. the mirrored clone is handled similar to how you currently handle copied lines. [Mirrored TL #1] on screenshot.


Just think symmetrical angle.

upslanting TL = downslanting mirror copied @ or below starting anchor

downslanting TL= upslanting mirror copied @ or above starting anchor





The idea of the clone snapping to the midpoint between anchors [mirrored TL #2] sounds nice as a dedicated tool,
but may have an issue if a freestyle TL is drawn in open space, or drawn as conventional TL.



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