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Still having issues with Medved not allowing other apps come to the front


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I am still having issues with Medved where it seems to lock itself in front of other apps/windows.  Mostly happens when it launches but occasionally see it occur well its running (as it just did now) I think its when its minimized and you restore it.  Basically I can see part of the other window where I don't have any Medved windows and I try and click on it but it doesn't come to the foreground.  Most of the time if I click the window then click on a Medved window then go back and click on the other window it then comes to the foreground.  Sometimes I have to do this a few times to get it to the front.  Currently (as per the screens shots I attached) I can maxmize/minimize, move chrome and  explorer windows but they stay hidden behind the Medved windows.  

I have placed a backup on dropbox and put screenshots there as some have my account numbers in them.  Note as soon as I clicked the log level to turn it to 200 the windows started working correctly.


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