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Multiple paintbar scaling

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I have a question about scaling with multiple paintbars.

I've attached a chart to show my issue.  The chart symbol is MSFT (red line), along with two paintbars (green and blue lines).  They are all squiggly lines, however because the prices are so different, the scaling makes them appear as horizontal.

I see with indicators there is an option to adjust the scale, but I don't see it for paintbars.

My two questions:

1)  If I'm looking to overlay and compare two paintbar lines, is there a way to adjust the scaling and bring them in line?

2)  Is there a way to ignore the scale of the chart symbol, and have the chart instead scale just around a paintbar?  I tried the option of hiding the primary chart, which makes the price bars disappear, however the chart scale still has to include the primary chart, which again leads to compressed lines if the paintbar has a high value.



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If you want to overlay and compare two paintbar lines and want to adjust scales, do it in an extra chart (above or below the main one). You can link two indicators to show on the same chart. The linked indicators are usually scaled so that they overlay each other. To do that, if the scales are similar, they do not change, but if they are dissimilar, they are adjusted.

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