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Use a scan result as condition for a second scan

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I would like to know if it's possible to use conditions (rules) on different time frames to create a scan?

For example:

- First rule: if high second candle > high third candle   (this for 3 min chart)

- Second rule: If low second candle = low first candle  (this for 1 min chart)


Right now I have to use 2 scans with the same list of stocks to apply those conditions and see which stocks meet both, but it's not an efficient process. 

Is there a way to integrate conditions like these in just 1 scan?


Thanks in advance for the help.

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cannot do that. if the 2 scans were on the same frequency charts, then you could have just combined them into 1 scan, but the way you have it, would have to be manual. basically have 2 portfolios open. make 2nd one empty. run first scan on 1st portfolio, highlight the results and drag them to 2nd portfolio, then run the 2nd scan there.

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