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Canadian Mutual Funds Symbols


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I trade with Questrade (Canada), where I can find and see charts for mutual funds. MT is setup with that broker, and normally I would be able to see the same symbols. 

Canadian mutual funds symbols don't show up on MT.

E.g. try MAW104 Canadian Balanced Funds from Mawer. It doesn't show up.

How to set up MT in order to show Canadian mutual fund symbols?

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You just hit on the correct keyword: Yahoo. Indeed, it supports some Canadian mutual funds but they use a special system.

The BMO Fund GGF31734 is called on Yahoo: 

BMO Tactical Dividend ETF Fund D (0P00012MPY.TO)

And the Mawer Fund MAW104 is called:

Mawer Balanced Fund Class A (0P0000714D.TO)

So you have to dig a bit to find them, but many are there on Yahoo. 

I changed the provider from Questrade to Yahoo, and got them!

Thanks for holding my hand a bit  🙂


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