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Alert on Key Indicators + Linking of Timeframes


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Hello Jerry,

I hope you are well. I would like to ask you if it would be possible having alerts for specific indicators (such as for instance to a moving average, regression channel,..), so that when the price hits the indicator, on the way up or down, the user gets notified.

I wanted also to ask you if it is possible to link multiple time frames. For example, if I have a layout with different 1 minute charts, would it be possible to have a short key to change all of the charts to a different time frame, without individually change each chart?

Thanks a lot


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alerts on indicators - you can do that using Paintbars/scans. you can make the rules in the paintbar based on indicators and when triggered, have it trigger an alert. Then add the paintbar to the chart. (or use it to scan a portfolio)


timeframes - you can change ALL the intraday charts to a particular frequency but not just select few.  To do that

1) change on chart to the frequency you want.

2) on that chart, TEMPLATE tab, click on the dropdown portion of the "Sync Open Charts" button and select to "Sync Frequency"

If you do that frequently and don't want to constantly have to switch tabs, click dropdowns, etc, you can RIGHT-click on that "Sync Frequency" menu item and select to "Add to Quick Access Toolbar". You will then have that option available even when toolbar is closed

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