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Alerts / News Notification - 2 requests



Split news notification out from others

Would be really useful to be able to split out news alerts and chart alerts so they could go to different screens/positions on the screen.  I find that I want to allow my news alerts to stay up so I can get around to reading them when I have time,   however many of my price/chart alerts I have set to automatically disappear after X second.  The problem is if my monitor is full of news alerts I haven't read I never see the price alerts as the drop off the list after X seconds and since the screen is full they never even pop up.


Multiple alert line buttons:

Another feature that would be really useful is to have two different default alert lines you can draw.  Basically it would allow for some priority on the alerts.  Eg. if I am just watching a stock I can set a price alert which disappears after x seconds, but if I am in a position I would like the alert to not disappear and have a different notification sound.

What I was thinking for this was just another toolbar icon maybe with a red exclamation mark in the icon.  Then the Yellow / Red icon alert buttons could be linked to different default alert setting profiles.




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