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Level II not showing data.


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I am using the free version as a test of MVT.  I am new to this program and new to trading generally.

My broker is Interactive Brokers.  I know that there an inherent issue with their level 2 data being sent through the API (I am using the gateway).  I am not getting any of the bid ask data in the table.  The information at the top showing Volume, last, change, high, low and time has data. 

I have selected that Total View is subscribed in the MVT settings, and I have level 2 in TWS.  I have tested using their buttons.

I am wondering if there is a setting I hit that is preventing this data to be received from the gateway.  I have real time chart data and time and sales and orders are successfully excuted.

I so far am liking the program aside from the above matter.

Thanks for your assistance.



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