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Use mouse wheel to set chart frequency



Use Shift + Mouse wheel to quickly fine tune chart frequency.

Range Bars / Renko:  new current value  =  current value +/- 10% current value

Tick:  +/- 20 or user defined value

Long Term:  +/-  1 Day 

I prefer Range bars and use ^0 to get in ballpark when changing from different price stocks ( current symbol @ $15 to new symbol with price $100).  Would then use Shift Mouse to quickly adjust to final desired value by looking at graph.

With range bars, it would be nice when changing symbols, the initial frequency is set to 1% of last close thus eliminating the need for ^0 and typing in a number.  

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Just found some shortcut keys using ctrl and numpad keys for range bar charts:  Hold ^ down:

NumPad    Freq

1                  .1

2                  .25

3                  .5

4                   1

5                    2

This is great for coarse adjustment, but still requesting a finer adjustment either using mouse wheel or some keyboard combination.


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