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Questrade Currency Change feature CDN - USD



Questrade lets you maintain USD and CDN in a single account so when you are trying to autoset your QTY you need to use the correct currency or your QTY count is wrong for available cash/buying power depending on if you are buying a CDN vs USD stock.

Could you add a button to the trade windows (and potentially account windows) to flip the account between CDN and USD.  Currently you have to go back to the settings->Configure trading accounts to make this change. If you make a change in settings from USD/CDN in any of your Questrade accounts or at the top level it changes for all of your Questrade accounts, is this by design?  Not sure why the USD/CDN setting shows in the accounts settings instead of just at the broker level. 

I think it is probably ok to leave the USD/CDN switching at the broker level instead of the individual account level as the overhead to maintain/code at the account level would probably be a lot more then just a button to flip at the broker level.

The ideal situation would be to do it at the individual account level and have this be able to be a linked field which changes across all pinned windows when one is changed but like I said probably a lot of work.

Be nice if the label USD/CDN was displayed by the dollar amounts in the trade window bar and account balances as well so you know what currency the balances are in.


Thank you


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