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actually, there is but not documented yet. we will however be updating our API at which time lots of things will change.  In general, our API docs are at https://medvedtrader.com/api

the command in question is FillTradeTicket and is done as a POST to:, UpdateType, ForceNewInstance)

(UpdateType and ForceNewInstance can be omitted, in which case they will be ReplaceAll and false respectively)

SYMBOL: obvious
UpdateType: there are a bunch of options but basically should just use ReplaceAll, meaning that everything on the trade ticket will be replaced with newly provided values
ForceNewInstance: if true, then always create a new TradeTicket window. Otherwise, it will reuse existing one if there is one

POST DATA should  be JSON or XML like this:

Fill in the values accordingly. If JSON, same structure as above


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