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Remove Admin Requirement



For an application such as this, that does not seem to interface with hardware or require elevated privileges to run, there should be no need to require the setup be performed by an administrator. I work in an office setting where I would like to evaluate this platform with my peers, but getting IT approval unnecessarily is a pain in the rear.

Please allow the /CURRENTUSER switch to be used, or ideally switch the installer PrivilegesRequired in the Setup section of the installer to use "lowest" privileges.

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On 7/1/2020 at 8:18 PM, Jerry Medved said:

it is not a trivial process and would involve far more than just flipping a switch in the installer. Not something that is likely to happen in the near future because of current commitments.

I've done installer related work like this in the past, I'm assuming you're needing admin privileges to access specific registry items or areas with elevated privileges to install for all users on the system. If I can help in any way, I'd be happy to provide assistance. Sometimes it turns out to be simpler than it seems.

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9 hours ago, Jerry Medved said:

we use Inno Setup. I know it is possible to do with it but my attempts to change the PrivilegesRequired settings did not seem to have any effect. And really do not want to switch setup software.

Since inno v6, there's been a way to provide an optional, noninvasive way for users (if they want to) to install for the current user only. If you look in the release notes here for "Overridable Install Mode" they have a decent explanation.


Once it's set up with


The user can set the /CURRENTUSER switch on the command line to install without elevated privileges.

There are path tokens that have to be checked, as they talk about in there, but it's a relatively painless process to create a setup that runs either the way it runs now, or with the override switch if someone asks for it.

I can understand completely why you wouldn't want to mess with an installer that works :)


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y, the problem is, I added the settings that they mention and that didnt change things - install still triggered the UAC prompt, and I really didnt have time to mess with it further. If you wish to help, setup a dummy test install that works either way : for specific user or all users (our current default)

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