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Chart freuqnecy in advanced mode

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I can code in some languages but C# isn't my thing. (I can do AFL and MT4 no problem)

In the code I want to determine the chart frequency that the indicator is loaded on, so I can change the period of the SMA in the code. This is for paintbars and scans.

I just don;t know how to get that variable. I think I need to study up on C# basics.

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Hm. I didn't consider that. One way would be to take the Timestamp of the candle and subtract the Timestamp of the previous candle. The problem with that approach is that sometimes for thinly traded stocks and for pre/afterhours there are no candles for some minutes, and at the beginning of the day the difference between the timestamp of the first candle of the day and the last candle of the previous day is obviously huge.

I will provide a system variable for the frequency. Will post here when done.

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