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Placing a trade on chart by pressing buy or sell button above chart



Can you link the Ouanity Column which I put the number of shares in for that stock symbol to the floating drag on chart trading.  So I don't have to put the number of shares in that tiny box on the screen.  I just want to hit the Buy or Sell Button above the chart and Drag and drop on chart price with the number of shares all ready filled in from what I placed in my portfolio Symbols List from the Column Quanity List.  When I do it from the portfolio Symbols list it works fine clicking on the Bid or Ask it brings up my Trade Ticket with the Quanity I manually put in.  Before I trade I already know how many shares I want to buy.so I enter it in the Quanity box.   That frees me up so all I have to do is click on portfolio Ask or Last Opens Trade Ticket with everything filled in and hit Send Button it's Gone.  If I turn on Confirm then I have one more Step.  But most of the time I leave confirm OFF.

Thanks Jerry.         Frank Giammattei past user of Quotetracker from many years ago when it first came out.

Text 845-562-7484.      mypenneys@hotmail.com

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Not sure how to relate the chart to the portfolio's symbol row... The chart doesn't know about portfolios. We could I guess look through all the displayed portfolios and see if there is a qty entered in one of them for the chart's symbol...

BTW, as you're placing the order capsule, the wheel on the mouse will change the quantity on the order.

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