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single regression channel

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Question 1:
Does anyone have thoughts on how you can create a rule that would, for a single regression channel, calculate the "tilt angle" for the channel?
For example,
If "title angle" >= 5 (%)
Then do this
else do this

Question 2:
Any thoughts on how to calculate the "price percent" from the bottom to top of the currently defined channel width?

Thanks so much in advance for you help.

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Tilt angle doesn't really make sense, at least as the actual "angle" - look at the chart, zoom in/out, the angle changes. You can do "rate of change" by subtracting value one candle back from current value, and then finding out what % it is of the price. Something like (SRC-SRC[1])*100/Close. That is somewhat indicative. Obviously the value would be positive for channel going up, negative for one going down.

Price Percent - you mean basically where the price is in between the upper and lower value? If so - let's say the variable for Single Regression Channel Upper is SRCU and for Lower is SRCL -

var ChannelRangePercent = (Close-SRCL)*100/(SRCU-SRCL);

That will give you 0% to 100%.




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