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Plot paintbar today only, and X minutes into session

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I'm trying to plot a paintbar for the current session only, and starting 10 minutes after the session open.  I have a snippet of code for each, and I've combined them together.  However it looks like there's probably some redundancy there, and I'm not sure how to simplify it.  I figured since I run it on a lot of charts, it might be worth fixing.  Do you have any suggestions?



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1. You're doing AddMinutes(1) and not AddMinutes(10).

2. GetTradingSessionInfo(Timestamp) gets the trading session for THAT candle. Since the paintbar is run on all candles, the candles from yesterday will get yesterday's sessions etc.

If you want to get TODAY's session, you have to do GetTradingSessionInfo(DateTime.UtcNow). That way you don't have to check for plotting only current day.

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Thank you Mike.  Quick follow up if you have a moment?

I replaced both GetTradingSessionInfo(Timestamp); with GetTradingSessionInfo(DateTime.UtcNow) in bold below.  It seems to work, only plotting current day, and starting 10min after the session open.  Though do I need to have that line twice?  Perhaps I do since I'm trying to do two different things?



public void MainCalculation()


TradingSessionInfo session = GetTradingSessionInfo(DateTime.UtcNow);

var TS = GetTradingSessionInfo(DateTime.UtcNow);

if (Timestamp[0]>=TS.SessionStart.AddMinutes(10) && Timestamp[0]<=TS.SessionStart.AddHours(6.5)) //plot 10 min after session open until close

if (DateTime.UtcNow<session.DayStart.AddDays(1)) // only plot current day


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