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Sending HTTP API commands to a second computer running MVT...


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I've written some software using the HTTP API MVT interface and would like to issue commands (like SetLinkedSymbol and GetLastQuote) from my software on machine 1 to the MVT running on the 2nd machine.  The API setting is turned on for both machines and the "Allow HTTP connections from local/private network" is checked.  However, the API calls using the IP address from the 2nd machine fail.

For example, I've tried http://192.xxx.xxx.xxx:16239/req?GetLastQuote(ACTIVE) in my browser to see if commands issued to machine 2 will work and the call always times out, whereas for machine 1 works great.  (Also, I'm able to ping machine 2 from machine 1.)

Any ideas on how to get it working? Thanks.

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