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A Paintbar is a set of rules that can be used to custom "color" the candle on a chart.  You can also use it to draw shapes above/below the candle instead of changing the color of the candle, or just change the background color of the chart.  

That has progressed to where you can add alerts to the custom conditions.

The Paintbar definitions happen to be the same as the ones used for Scanning, so the terms Painbar and Scan can now be used interchangeably. In the case of a scan, it works like applying the paintbar to the chart of every symbol in the portfolio. then, looking at the result on the last candle - that is the result of the scan. And of course continuing to check the last candle as new data comes in.

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Ok Thanks Jerry, I think that you responded to one of my questions on Reddit awhile back and actually in a recent thread i mentioned the partners and on of the users said that he was an avid user of your platform a few years back and kind of lost track.  MotiveWave Dropped Questrade for lack of communication and their lack of response.  

Then you had given me a chance to use trial it was a bit of a challenge trying to trade and I could not trade on your platform without level 2 I just figured I was doing something wrong so I was switching back but when i came to trading I could not get level 2. 

I read in your forum that a number of other people were asking about level 2 and that you are waiting for Questrade as it has to come from their end.

I guessing your might be dealing with Syed or perhaps more directly the 

development team. 

The person at MotiveWave said that the API landscape is somewhat delicate and not always an easy fit.

I am not sure what motivates Questrade to have some partners and then not support the feed.  There are a lot of glitches in the platform that i discovered over the past couple of years. 

They never disclose what fixes they are doing on the platform like more companies that are proud of their product it as if they are stealth mode and they are never incorporating any feed back from the users.  I not saying anything i have not said already.  They just do not seem to care 








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