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Is automated trading possible with Medved Trader?



Looking for a fully automated trading software. Is Medved trader a candidate?

I'd like the software to take the ticker from the output of a Scanner (say Trade Data Hod Momentum) and place the trade if several conditions are met.

Conditions could be the out put of a number of studies (buy or sell signals from n out of m studies).

I'd like the software to be able to manage the stop-limit on the server side like tracing live stock price and executing the order when market price is reached.

Thank you for your time  

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MT itself does not do automated trading. We do have an API that gives you access to all MT data, and trading via any configured broker.  You could do scans within MT, and when the scan condition is met, you detect that notification via your own app connected via the API and then send whatever order you want, via the API. 

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