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can't tell from just the top 10 tics considering that every bar is 33 ticks.  If any ticks in the past are different, it would impact all ticks after them too. The bars before D look different as well, so the change would be earlier.  Also, QT and MT CME GLOBEX timeframe I think is configured slightly differently, so the tick candle would start/end slightly on different tick, and thus would look different.


That is why I say that you really cannot compare 2 sets of tick charts like that unless you KNOW that the data is identical and you are looking at identical settings.


for example, to test, I did a TICK backfill with IQFeed on NQ in both QT and MT.  Initially the ticks looked different (timeframe definition difference).  I then deleted all ticks prior to midnight for today (the timeframe differences are around the start of the overnight session).  This way, the data being displayed should line up.  And it did - the two then looked identical - candle for candle. 


Here is the picture comparing (I didn't bother setting all the preferences the same but you can tell that the candles are the same)


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the last candle continues to be updated as new volume comes in.  It could be that new volume came in that changed the candle and caused a new candle to be started but not sure what you mean by candle disappearing.  With tick charts, you cannot have an empty spot for a candle simply by the definition of how tick charts work.  So if a new candle is started, whatever the previous candle is is the one that was built. It might have been changed with incoming data as it was closed, but that is the candle. You can confirm it by looking at the raw data window and matching the data.

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if closing/re-opening the chart does not fix it, could you send us the data files/settings? to do that:

go to FILE / Export Settings.  
Leave the checkboxes already checked, and also check QUOTE DATA
Export, then email me the exported file please.
NOTE: if the result file is over 10 meg, can you upload it somewhere I can get it, like http://www.zippyshare.com and give me the URL
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