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windows positions not saved.


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Regarding beta 1.1.9225.1 (2020-12-13)  1. FIXED - VARIOUS WINDOWS - If window upper left corner not on any screen, moves it to nearest screen: 

Before the above fix, I can move part of a window (chart or portfolio) to outside of monitor screen such that I do not see the window title. Doing that just to save screen space. When the app restarts all windows positions stay where when I closed the app. Now because the above "fix", the windows positions get reset such that all titles are visible.  I then have to reposition those windows to move the titles out of my view.

Why the above fix is necessary?  or can we add an option to not reset window position when the app restarts?  I should be able to move a window anywhere I want and when the app restart the window stay where it was.

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how about having a flag in settings where I can choose to not have it readjusted upon restart because I actually want my part of windows be off the screen? I am sure this fix you did helped in some situation but it is doing disfavor for other users who want the windows at certain positions. Very much appreciate it if this request can be accommodated.   

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