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API vs trading account login


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I have linked my tda account up with medved trader.  I use TOS for trading and MT for crypto, but i'm contemplating trading everything from MT because MT supports multiple cores and seems to feel faster, plus it has absolutely superior level II data.   

is there a difference between setting up the account with the API from TD vs regular trading account login info?

Also, a buddy of mine just opened an account with charles schwab (he's a newby) and rather than switch brokerages, i'm thinking just getting a subscription to MT would be a much

better way to go for him.  However, going down the list of accounts, charles schwab isnt in there.  any advice?


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Crypto stuff has separate API connection setup. that is not how it is done for stock trading account. Just select TD Ameritrade as the quote source on a portfolio and you will be prompted for the login.  Should get a prompt to auto configure trading after the quotes login

Schwab is not supported. they operate separate from TD Ameritrade and will continue to do so for a couple years till things are integrated, so it would be best to just open a TD Ameritrade account

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