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Was just wondering if indicies are in the works? If so, will these be displayed ala QT?


In the future will the dashboard autoarrange it's icons if it is resized? Also the rolling up

of Portfolios, Data etc to the left does little to reclaim screen real estate, perhaps some

sort of rollup might be considered.


The settings icon needs resizing and rejigging the log level into an icon the size of the

others would be not a bad thing. ;-)



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My 3rd day of using my new copy and a way of showing the indicies was the first, well, maybe the 4th item I went looking for.


Have I missed the way to have multipule portfoilios opened at the same time?  If I need an account to show indicies I'd also like to have at least one or more portfolios in view.



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Right now you would need to have the indices in your portfolio.. Yes, you can easily have multiple portfolio windows open. On the dashboard, just click on the Open Portfolio tile and select the 2nd portfolio. It will open in a separate window. You can have as many open as you want.   NOTE: If you want, you can have the indices shown in a "tile" view.  on the Portfolio window, look at the VIEW tab on the ribbon. First item there is the Display type. Select one of the TILE ones. Refer to this post for some examples:


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