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Add % price gain from the last candle to Unusual Volume

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Thanks, I think I got the price gain thing right. However, I have a little other problem.

I want the alert to trigger only when the relative volume line exceeds a value of 10000. However, today's test triggered various alerts that were much less than this value.
Attached is my code.




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Done yesterday.

it seems that the system alerts when a condition was met at some point in time. For example, if relative volume crossed 5k 4 days before, volume bar reached 100k three days ago and the price just went up this minute. Then the alerted triggers.

But I want everything to be related to the current candle.

Thanks for your help Jerry!

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I edited the scan to see the recent parameters within the code and to exclude errors:

False alerts:
11:43 $KIQ
11:45 $CLEU


public void MainCalculation()
    if (RVOL_Line > 7000
        && Volume_Bar > Volume_Bar[1]
        && Volume_Bar >= 40000
        && SymbolData.Last > Close[1] * 1+(50/100)
        && SymbolData.VolumePercent > 20)
        SetColorAndShape("Vol Up", PBShape.ArrowUp_Hollow, SysColor.VolumeUp);
        TriggerAlert("Vol Up");




CLEU 11_45.PNG

KIQ 11_43.PNG

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