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Qty linking in Option Risk Analysis

Jeff H


Should be fairly simple to add link-group function for QTY to eliminate tedious manual QTY entry on positions with several legs.

In the ORA window, legs frame, put a "link" icon (toggle) next to the Quantity input field. Function is similar to Pin groups but just within the ORA window. Simply updates the QTY of any linked leg when the QTY of another linked leg is changed.

Benefit: I may be analyzing 10 or more potential legs with varying strikes and expirations. In comparing different combinations I often need to tweak QTY to reach the desired transaction amount. For a 4 leg position such as a condor, I would only need to update the QTY on one leg, saving 75% of the time.


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22 hours ago, Mike Medved said:

Ok, first of all, it is good to know the ORA window is being used. I have seen so few comments on it, I wondered.

I will think about how to make that option in the window. Making it a toggle in each row would make it too busy...

Thanks Mike. I personally don't think a 16x16 icon in each row would make it too busy, and I use the ORA feature every day. And take it from me, I am a clean GUI fan and hate "too busy", hence a main reason I hate ToS.

There is plenty of empty space in the rows, and it would use no more than what you have for the X image to delete the row. Other platforms use a chain-link image, like you use for option chain. It could also be a checkbox instead of an image. If you still don't want it in each row it could be one checkbox in the ribbon for the whole window. That would limit the functionality but be better than nothing. 

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