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all of those can be handled with simple mode Paintbar (point and click vs the Advanced Mode).  one thing to keep in mind - cannot mix frequency, so 9 SMA on a daily chart and 9 SMA on weekly cannot be used together. However, 9 SMA Weekly is approximately the same as 45 SMA on Daily.  21 SMA on weekly should be about the same as 105 SMA on daily. 

You can define the rules like this:
if Close > SMA 9 ... (do nothing)
else stop
if Close > SMA 21 ... (do nothing)
else stop

(repeat for the other ones)

on the last one, instead of "do nothing",. define what you want - set scan result, trigger alert, etc..  The rules are evaluated from top to bottom, so for it to get to the last one, all the previous ones would have to be true

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