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Sound Alerts for Moving Average Crossover

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Hi Jerry...

I have a simple 2 moving average crossover paintbar set up with sound alerts. Right now after the crossover I get the alert but then the  alert keeps repeating (bullish crossover, the alert keeps repeating within that crossover) with as far as I can see the only option to clear and restart after X time.....Is it possible to have the sound alert only fire once at each crossover ? So for example sound alert fires once at the bullish crossover, then fires once at the next bearish crossover, then once at the next bullish crossover etc.


Thanks a lot....long time user here from the Quote Tracker days.




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normally once an alert is triggered, it will not trigger again unless you clear it.  I would have to see your exact setup.

Please do the following:
Go to FILE / HELP => Send Log/Settings to support menu (from Dashboard or Portfolio)

And add this this Post’s URL in the comment. 

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I just sent the log file.


From what I can tell...it's not clearing that's the problem. It's the restart after 

x minutes option. I would like it to restart from a signal...not time.


Sorry if I'm missing an obvious option.

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"normally once an alert is triggered, it will not trigger again unless you clear it."

I have a popup as well as sound alert....I do have the popup clear after 3 seconds. Because I have it cleared after 3 seconds that triggers it to keep alerting ?

Besides clearing the alert I do see the option to disable or to delete the alert entirely which I don't think is what I want.



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Yes, to avoid the constant alerts when it's set to the default "Immediate"....I have it at 30 mins. But Idealy I only want the alert at the crossover otherwise I get alerted when it doesn't fit my criteria. Oftentimes when a crossover happens it might be in that bullish or bearish crossover for and hour or two. No way to have it only alert at the crossovers ?


What if I don't use popups just sound alerts. Same problem ? 


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