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Data not pulling on the 180 day / 4 hour chart

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TD Ameritrade should be able to do 120. check 2 places:

1) SETTINGS / CHARTS / GENERAL - make sure max # of days of intraday data is set to 120

2) SETTINNGS / DATA SOURCES / CONFIGURE ACCOUNTS - click on TD Ameritrade and then on the right, set Intraday Backfill to 120.

After making the changes, explicitly click on the backfill button on the chart.

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So, is this calculation, correct?  How can I add these indicator settings directly on a chart?  Also, if were to add these to a scan how would the scan setup look like? 

1,5,10,30,60, 240 minutes
1 min - SMA7020        (390x2x9)
5 min - SMA35100       (390x2x9x5)
10 min - SMA70200      (390x2x9x10)
30 min - SMA210600     (390x2x9x30)
60 min - SMA 421,200   (390x2x9x60)
240 min  SMA 1,684,800 (390x2x9x240)

On your first screenshot, you had 60 bars / 2 days setup.  How would you go about setting this up on the chart?  

Many thanks!!


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as far as adding to the chart, just add SMA(7020) and thats it. Not sure what you mean by how to set it up - just set the custom period to whatever you want, though it doesn't really matter for the computation. Scan would have the exact same indicator values, but you would only be able to use it with 1 min frequency selected.

NOTE: max 120 days. In that example, 5 min would be 2x9x5 or 90 days. 10 min would be 180 and thus over the limit

Basically I think you are starting to hit the limits of the intraday chart. May want to adjust the requirements a bit

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