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level 2 using IB


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I've posted screenshot of the stock COH, using an IB level 2, the MT level 2, and IB DOM.  IB level2/dom are the same naturally, but it seems the MT level 2 isn't showing all the available depth.
The options in MT for subscribing to level 2 data are Nasdaq totalview and NYSE openbook, but perhaps its missing exchanges such as Edge, bats, etc?


note:  for some reason I couldn't attach an image to this post so I uploaded it into a gallery.

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when I asked IB about the issue, they basically said that there is no way to get the composite that you see in TWS via the API. I would be glad to make whatever changes are needed if there was something I could do. If you know of any other 3rd party app connecting to TWS via API that does display the data, let me know.

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